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HexAssistant - General features

Import structure from C/C++ files.
The font of Editor can be customized.
Copy hex data to clipboard as C/java Source.
Disk Editor.
View and edit the files in hex mode.
Highlight the modified data.
Unlimited undo and redo operations.
Find variable data in file(s), e.g. Hex, Text and Value.
Compare files and show the difference.
Export hex data to C Source , Jave Source or Text file.
Generate checksums for all or part of a file, e.g. CRC-16, CRC- 32, MD2, MD4, MD5 and SHA1.
Save a block of data as a new file.
Interpret values in either Little Endian (e.g. Intel) or Big Endian (e.g. Motorola) byte ordering.

Advanced features

View and edit hex data as decimal values with the QuickView viewer.

View and edit data in the structured form through the Structure Viewer.

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